T.D. Jakes

The Silent Sermons of God!

We ask for the voice of God that birthed the universe, that spoke miracles into existence, that calms the very storms. But what do you do when He responds with silence? A silent God is a working God, and He speaks volumes as He has His hands on you, turning you from unusable dirt into […]

Who Died and left You in Charge?

What happens when your mentor, the person who informs, insulates, and inspires you, leaves you to be in charge? When you’re thrust into a place you haven’t grown into yet, but your padding’s gone? There comes a time when every student is asked to step behind the teacher’s podium. You have two options then: Lock […]

Trauma, Triggers, and Triumph

Nothing will ever be the way it was, and that positions people on two sides of the fence. One camp dances as the other weeps. In the text, the young men rejoice for experiencing God in a brand-new way, while the old men cling to the glory of the former house. God’s trying to get […]
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